Radio Community Servant Recognition Programs

This award recognizes the desire of our non-profit and associates to carry on the commitment of our founder by giving their support and resources to improve the lives of others.  Our goal is to motivate people in contributing to community services and becoming a part of project that will empower their community.

As gratitude for community services and contributions, volunteers will be recognized regularly on our radio program and at our year-end reception “Annual Community Servant Awards”.

Our Mission is to partner with communities and organizations in providing leadership for various significant civil endeavors and individuals that demonstrate excellence in promoting diversity.  Also, we desire to build an environment of presence for all Africans Living Abroad (ALA) and their international communities.

Oct 14  Radio Kilimanjaro in partnership with “Our Seeds Tomorrow”- a non-profit organization-                                                                     Presents: The First Annual “Unity in the Community Soccer Tournament”

On May 19, 2012 the international community and businesses will switch out their dress shoes for cleats and come in unity on the soccer field for the “First Annual Unity in the Community Soccer Tournament” in Lithonia, Ga.  While these community teams may be competing for the trophy, they will be ultimately shooting for the same goal, to raise money for a great cause in Liberia.

The tournament kicks off at 9:00 am May 19, 2012, at the South Eastern Soccer Sport Complex in Lithonia, Ga.
This social event is more than just an outdoor soccer tournament; it represents the camaraderie’s sportsmanship and the commitment that Radio Kilimanjaro has to further empower our communities and the youth of Liberia.

Our hope is to bring together the international communities, local schools and churches, private and public sector businesses, along with civic, cultural, recreational and other community organizations in the metropolitan area together for a day of friendly competition in sports, for a non-profit program that uses soccer and other outreach programs to address some of the core problems affecting today’s youth in Liberia.

The “Our Seeds Tomorrow”, is a non-profit organization, whose mission is “to empower communities in Liberia” where schools are needed.  To donate, please visit

The tournament is scheduled for May 19, 2012.  We look forward to your attendance and appreciate your donations for this worthy cause.  For registration information, e-mail us at

We hope and pray to see you there.  May you continue to be bless in all your endeavors.

Thank You,
Radio Kilimanjaro Staff