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Mr. Dazia Fumbah Founder/Executive Director

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As a visionary leader with a passion for educational empowerment and  economic development to those less fortunate, Dazia Fumbah is a seasoned  entrepreneur with the passion to inspire many around the world.

 Extensive training in the telecommunications industry led to several  positions for many Fortune 500 companies. As a Project Manager for Nortel  Networks, Dazia has managed several multi-million dollar projects spanning  coverage throughout all regions of the United States. Issues resolution  management and extensive knowledge of Internet working routers and  switches enabled the creation of his independent business venture Nettone  Networks Communication Inc., in Atlanta in 2005.

 Savvy and dedicated to non-profit development, Dazia has launched Africans  Living Abroad ( ALA)- a reality program poised to showcase the  contributions of people of African descent who are living in Africa,  America, Europe, the Caribbean and beyond. Additionally, Radio Kilimanjaro  is another non-profit brain child designed by Dazia to bring positive and  uplifting music to the community worldwide.

 The most recent launch of the non-profit organization Our Seeds Tomorrow  is focused on the post war development of Liberia, where illiteracy rates  range as high as 60%, and 80% of the Liberian community is impoverished  earning less than $1.00 per day.

 Dazia Fumbah is dedicated to improving the lives of children through  education in all distressed areas of the world, starting with his native  country of Liberia. He has transformed his strategic business development  skills into powerful and sustainable charitable organizations for many  years to come.

 Experience  Founder  Our Seeds Tomorrow  April 2013 – Present (8 months)Greater Atlanta Area  Our Seeds Tomorrow is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the  lives of less fortunate people and ecology of the Himalaya ( next  generation) by equipping the next generation for tomorrow’s challenges.  Our service is to build schools where they are most needed and educate  youth for future rising leadership. Our mission is dedicated to universal  education and empowerment of less fortunate by contributing to the  elimination of illiteracy. The current focus is in Liberia, but plans to  expand schools are underway to encompass many nations all around the  world.  Our Seeds Tomorrow Donation from Lutheran Church of the Redeemer

 Founder/ President  Nettone Networks Communications Inc  2005 – 2008 (3 years)Greater Atlanta Area  Responsible for the network design and integration efforts at numerous  large- scale manufacturing environments. Extensive work done to ensure  that the designs incorporated EIA/ TIA and BICSI standards, redundant  fiber optic backbones, CAT6 cabling, proper rack enclosures, and  sufficient conduit capacity. Overall management and site responsibility  for daily operations, supervision and training of site crews, as well as  financial management of budget proposals and contract negotiation

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