Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year From The Staff Of Radio Kilimanjaro The Voice Of Africa.

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year From The Staff Of Radio Kilimanjaro The Voice Of Africa.

Isaac Start New Pics 

Radio Kilimanjaro Africa Manager.

Sart Isaac was born on the 30th of May in Lagos, Nigeria. He studied at Lighthouse International School and later transferred to Caleb International College, Magodo Lagos, Nigeria, where he completed his secondary school education. While in High school, he was the Music Prefect who played the piano, Guitar and Tuba. He and his band represented the school in so many competitions and had won various awards.  Isaac is a great lover of music. Presently, he is the African Program Manager for Radio Kilimanjaro and has put a lot of support to the station. He is a young school cert in pursuit of a bachelor degree in business management, studying at Valley View University, Accra, Ghana.

In May 2014, Isaac and his team represented Valley View University in CIMA global challenge competition. He has well developed skills in handling and working with diverse people, also in leading people to achieve specific goals. He is a self-motivated, hard-working individual, and enjoys working with public and diverse populations, and he is proficient in English and French.

Black Diamond
Black Diamond, a.k.a. Robert Alexander Bombo, was born in Voinjama City, Lofa County, Republic of Liberia.  When his country was devastated by civil war in 1989, Robert took refuge in the neighboring country of Guinea.  In October of 1996, Robert was reunited with his parents in the United States.  During his high school career, Robert began to develop his love for writing music.

After the passing of his grandmother, Robert found comfort in singing.  Inspired by the voices of Bob Marley, Lucky Dube, and Alpha Blondy, Robert released his first album titled “One Love” in November 2003.  Black Diamond became a household name as the sound of “Foxy Lady” and continues to ring through the speakers at international parties.  In May 2005, Robert graduated from Catawba College with a Bachelors Degree in Sociology.  Along with other accomplishments, Robert has opened shows for reggae greats like Gregory Isaac, Buju Banton, Capleton, Machael Palmer, Tufest, etc.  Robert is a great addition to Radio Kilimanjaro and Africans Living Abroad (ALA).

 DJ Daz
DJ Daz operated under the Kilimanjaro Sound in Atlanta, Georgia, for over 20 years.  “DJ Daz in his own class” was the slogan given to him by a fan that was impressed by his spins and mixes from the early 90′s, from then it followed him.  DJ Daz worked with Sound One of Atlanta for a couple of years and Northern AMP for a few years before playing at one of Atlanta’s hottest reggae and soca spots called Vibes, where he has played for a numerous of years.

By popular demand around the world and on Radio Kilimanjaro, DJ Daz originals are compiled of mixes in the 90′s until present and are still considered worldwide favorites.  Stay tuned to Radio Kilimanjaro for more of the latest and classic tones.



Gaylene Francis
Gaylene Francis is a network support engineer who is passionate about hearing the opinion of others.  She has served as a source of advice for many of her friends and family members.  Gaylene is now taking her passion a step further by using the media as a platform to present the thoughts, ideas and minds of everyday people.

Gaylene plans on launching her show “What’s Up There?” on  Radio Kilimanjaro and Africans Living Abroad (ALA).  “What’s Up There?” (dubbed WUT) is an one hour show that will explore the minds of others.  Opinions from teachers to doctors will be shared with the world.  With this new initiative, Gaylene hopes to shed light on thoughts, issues and challenges from the “ordinary people perspective”. “WUT” in its newness, will showcase its colorfulness, its exciting nature and its ability to influence, entertain, and inspire.  Listen out for “What’s Up There?” on Radio Kilimanjaro and Africans Living Abroad (ALA).

 Wilt F.T. Harris
Minister Wilt F.T. Harris was born on December 12, 1972 in Monrovia, Liberia.  He is the son of the highly respected Rev. Dr. William G.B.K Harris, founder of the International Christian Fellowship in Atlanta, Georgia.
He earned his Bachelors of Arts Degree in Visual Communications and is currently working on his Masters in Theology.  He’s known for his statement “Who gets the Glory? God!  I do not get the glory.”  His sermons and prophecies have touched many lives and led many souls to Christ.  This young, energetic, God-fearing minister is gifted with playing six musical instruments and enjoys being behind the scenes.  Fortunately, God has led him to be in the frontline to reach the untouched souls.  Minister Harris has a unique, charismatic style with music and preaching.  Minister Harris, accompanied by Ms. Josephine Marshall, will host a Sunday program on Radio Kilimanjaro and Africans Living Abroad (ALA).


Josephine Marshall
Josephine Marshall is a proud product of Monrovia, Liberia.  She migrated to the United States where she graduated from College of Staten Island, with a concentration in journalism.  Realizing that her smile and love for God was making a big difference in people’s lives, she decided to advocate for them.  Changing major from liberal arts to nursing, she obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing.  As a nurse, she still incorporates journalism in her career and outside life.  She continues to also work in the Lord’s vineyard.  A strong prayer warrior, Josephine is a woman of God who knows no bounds when it comes to the love of God.  Accompanied by Minister Harris, Marshall will host a Sunday program, as well as the news on Radio Kilimanjaro and Africans Living Abroad (ALA).



Joshann Samuel
Joshann Samuel was born in the Islands of Trinidad and Tobago.  In 1900, she migrated to the United States.  Joshann established the fashion brand, Janmar Inc., which embodies art, harmony, sociological aspect, innovation, and functionality.  Janmar Inc. is timeless and stylish fashion for all.  Janmar Inc. focus is creating designs which are pure and timeless, with a tailored fit and subtle details.  In May 2002, Joshann Samuel birthed the business Janmar Enterprises Inc.  The name Janmar was named for her daughters.
In September 2006, after much observation, Joshann saw that there was a serious concentration and demand in the fashion industry; therefore the fashion aspect of the business was introduced under the umbrella.  As a contributing fashion editor, look out for Joshann on Radio Kilimanjaro and Africans Living Abroad (ALA).






Anu Zophim
Anu is an African American woman who knows that she is a child of the African Diaspora.  She loves helping and learning from people; she is very dedicated to the uplifting of African mentality and spirituality.  With years of intense studying of history, science, and religion, these three major topics and lack of research has crippled African Americans as much as slavery, according to Anu.

Anu believes that mental slavery is the worst of its kind, because we are often willing to make ourselves dependent on someone else’s perception of who we are and what our history will be.  Once we know our place in His-Story and science… all other un-convicted spirituality will fall in the Divine Order (Maat). As a member of Radio Kilimanjaro and African Living Abroad (ALA), she looks forward to contributing and learning from this great network that she knows is going to shed light and build a closer bond with all of the Children of Africa.

 Lawrence Kwesi Pee Yankey
Lawrence Kwesi Pee Yankey is a refined radio personality, who is in love with music and will go the extra mile to satisfy the listening pleasure of his cherished listeners.  Full of humor and style, he is also a loving and caring, laughing and easy-going gentleman, with a smooth and soothing voice on AIR.  Continue to listen to Lawrence on Radio Kilimanjaro and African Living Abroad (ALA).



 DJ Kodjo
DJ Kodjo, a.k.a. Mr. Kodjo Edoh, was born in Togo Lome, West Africa.  From University of Togo, he earned a degree in accounting and management in 1997.  In 1998, he departed for study in the United States where he attended Hennepin Technical College in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.  He studied and earned certification in the fields of data communication networks and industrial electricity.  Over the past 15 years, his love for music led him to become a DJ.  Today, he is one of Minnesota’s finest DJ’s mastering world music.  DJ Kodjo brings to Radio Kilimanjaro a diverse knowledge of world music in French and English languages.


 Imam Muhammad J Abdullah
Imam Muhammad J Abdullah was one of twelve siblings who grew up in Beaumont, Texas.  Upon graduating from Hebert High School in 1970, he enlisted in the United States Air Force.  While serving, Mr. Abdullah co-founded the Coalition of Black Races in the Armed Forces (COBRAS), due to his early interests in human and civil rights for Blacks and other people-of-color.  The purpose of COBRAS was to bring about a better understanding of African-American culture among the people of Thailand and to bridge the cultural division between races.

Abdullah’s specialty was one-on-one exclusive interviews with public officials, civic and human rights activists, and celebrities.  Among some of the notables were President Bill Clinton, Minority Leader Harry Reid, Governor Bob Miller, Mike O’Callahan and Douglas Wilder, Congressman Mervyn Dymally, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Black Panther Professor Angela Davis, Redd Foxx and Barry White, etc.  Mr. Abdullah  articles have appeared in the AM Journal, the Bilalian News (now the Muslim Journal), and in International news journals.  Upcoming this spring 2012, expect the release of several of Abdullah’s books; announcements will be made here on Radio Kilimanjaro and African Living Abroad (ALA). 

 DJ End
Blamoh Tarpeh Jr., commonly known as DJ End (aka the Party Rider), has been a disc jockey since 2004 and has become well known for his International music mixes.  He has played for many house parties and international clubs in and throughout Atlanta.  His passion is watching people enjoy themselves to his party mixes.  He currently resides in Atlanta and working with one of the hottest Internet Broadcasting Network called Radio Kilimanjaro.  Check him out on the weekends right here on Radio Kilimanjaro and African Living Abroad (ALA). 





Bosca Banks
Bosca Banks is a renowned recording artist and performer, who started singing in the local church choir in Freetown, Sierra Leone.  He traveled to London, England where he recorded his first LP, which was entitled – Bam-Bam Bolero.  He went on to record and perform in the Metro of London and was signed by Oval Record, which released Banks’s second single – We’ll Be Together.  Upon the single release, he received recognition in the United States and received an invitation to continue to do more recordings. When Banks arrived in the United States he was immediately embraced by the Liberian Community in specifically in Newark, NJ.

Since then Banks has released eight CDs and one DVD.  He operates his own recording studio and post production.  Also, Banks has produced four CDs for Ivorian singer and Meca Su, and two CDs for Black Diamond.  Banks is currently working on a new album, which is set to release early 2012, and begin touring in Liberia, Sierra Leone and the Gambia shortly after.

 Ojeda Penn
Ojeda Penn is a well-known and respected musician in the Atlanta area, along with other cities nationwide.  Ojeda refers to his jazz style as an “experience” because it provides him the artistic freedom to incorporate his music aesthetic into a unique jazz encounter for the performer and the listener.  He will continue to bless the airways on Radio Kilimanjaro and African Living Abroad (ALA). 



ShaZara is an Atlanta, Georgia native that has performed at various venues around her city.  As a spoken word artist, ShaZara has written lyrics that developed over time and became necessary to couple it with music.  Partnering up with Ojeda Penn has contributed to enhancing her style of spoken words into an art form that engages the listeners.



 Francis Franco Mannah
Francis Franco Mannah is a native of Sierra Leone, West Africa.  In 1985, Mannah relocated to the United States as a young man with his siblings.  Mannah obtained a degree in Electronics Technology; with his wealth of experience in computer and information technology, his career took off.  Later Mannah decided to launch his own business in his field. 
Mannah’s experience includes vast traveling abroad to Ghana, Ivory Coast, Togo and Sierra Leone with venture capitalists, investors and entrepreneurs.  Along with his other talents, Mannah will advance the African Story initiatives on Radio Kilimanjaro and African Living Abroad (ALA).